About us

Aura Pads ! Every startup has a story and Welcome to ours…

                  The idea of Aura natural sanitary Pads emerged from a couple of curious engineers who wished to solve the problem of menstruating women. The journey started with a survey of menstruating women around the world and research on the various problems caused by sanitary Pads.The damage done is to women during usage as well as to the Environment.                                                                       USDA Certified Biobased Product

 Aura Natural Pads is USDA BioPreferred Certified with 93 % Biodegradable material on it. We are proud of the fact that Aura Pads is one of the first Sanitary Pads in the world to be a USDA Certified Biobased Product    

                   Aura natural pads is a Herbal Sanitary Pads brand started by our company with an aim to provide a healthy lifestyle for menstruating women as well as help the environment . Aura pads are made from hibiscus plant fibre and herbs. We don't use any artificial fragrance or harmful chemicals like Dioxin.  The natural herbs and plant fiber's anti bacterial properties give women a rash free , Irritation less period experience. We are FDA approved manufacturer with eco friendly certifications . Aura natural pads core material disintegrates in water within 10 seconds and has great absorption quality.





 At any point in time there are 800 Million menstruating women in the world. Around the world in past decades, Women were using cloth, coir, rags and even ash during menstruation. As per 2011 statistics only 12% of women in India were using sanitary Pads. But as of 2016 statistics the usage of sanitary Pads in India have increased to 57%. So the awareness and the usability of sanitary Pads have increased tremendously.                                           



Thus there is a very big market for eco friendly sanitary Pads around the world. This huge need for safe Pads will be a solution for all the problems caused by sanitary Pads to women as well as to the environment.



We focus on providing safe and a hygienic solution that ensures women and girls to move with pride and dignity during their menstruation. We assure high quality pads through our world class technical team. Aura Natural Pads is a sustainable business that focuses more on the quality of the product. Thus we provide solution not only for women’s personal hygiene bit also towards a sustainable environment.